Affiliation with the San

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Affiliation with the San

Adventist HealthCare Limited (formerly known as ‘Sydney Adventist Hospital Limited’), is owned by the  Seventh-day Adventist Church, and is a ‘Not-For-Profit’ organisation that operates a number of healthcare businesses including: Sydney Adventist Hospital, San Day Surgery Hornsby, and San Diagnostics & Pharmacy. 

The organisation originated with the opening of ‘Sydney Sanitarium’ in 1903 - a place of health and healing where people learned to stay well. Sydney Adventist Hospital, fondly referred to as ‘The San’, is NSW’s largest single campus private hospital and remains the organisation’s Australian flagship institution as it grows its services to meet community needs.

Celebrating 110 years in 2013, caring for our patients needs is our first priority. This spirit of caring is reflected in our mission, “Christianity in Action – caring for the body, mind and spirit of our patients, colleagues, community and ourselves’. We aim to care for individuals in a holistic manner, promoting healthy living, providing state-of-the-art acute healthcare, and touching people’s lives through our compassionate and expert care.  

Sydney Adventist Hospital is a University of Sydney Teaching Hospital

A Teaching Hospital is a hospital that has made a major commitment to the education and training of health professionals and a major commitment to medical research through affiliation with major tertiary education institutions. Within a teaching hospital are ‘schools’ with dedicated professional and academic staff. At the San we also have a purpose-built stand-alone Clinical Education Centre (CEC) with state-of-the-art facilities including the Simulation Learning Centre that allows a real-life, hands-on training experience. The CEC is a shared facility, and is home to staff and students of the University of Sydney, Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School (SAHCS) and Avondale College of Higher Education. It has also become the focus for many of the Hospital’s education, training and outreach activities.