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Patient Information

Going Home

Discharge after a General Anaesthetic

Prior to discharge you will be given post-operative instructions by the recovery nurse. Please adhere to these instructions carefully.

When you leave San Day Surgery Hornsby you will require someone to drive or accompany you home. You must travel home in a private car or taxi, not on public transport, and you must not drive yourself. We advise you to have a responsible adult with you for the remainder of the day and overnight.

After the procedure, and for the next 24 hours, a small amount of anaesthetic may still be circulating in your body. This could make you feel drowsy. During this time it is important that you:

  • Do not drive a car
  • Do not sign important documents, make complex or legal decisions
  • Do not engage in sports, heavy work or lifting
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not be a primary child carer
  • Do not remain on your own (unless approved by your specialist)