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Important information regarding COVID-19

Information for Patients and Visitors

Adventist HealthCare (including Sydney Adventist Hospital & San Day Surgery) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our patients, staff, doctors and visitors.  Our team of experts have put in place comprehensive actions to minimise risk, enhance safety procedures and ensure continued quality care.

While some people may still be understandably cautious about seeking medical treatment following COVID, it is important that you do not delay seeking the treatment you require. We remain ready and well equipped to provide your medical and surgical needs in a safe and timely way.

Changes in Mask Requirements

August 30, 2023

NSW Health have indicated an imminent change from the current Yellow Alert (Low transmission) to Green Alert in line with the COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Response Framework. As a result, Adventist HealthCare have made the decision to proactively adjust our current mask mandates and visitor restrictions at Sydney Adventist Hospital and San Day Surgery Hornsby.

From Wednesday, August 30, mask wearing is now optional for patients, visitors, staff and doctors throughout our facilities, unless there is a specific clinical need. This will be communicated via our staff members, but could include circumstances such as:

  • Patients who present with acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms must wear a surgical mask (if tolerated)
  • Visitors must wear the appropriate mask if visiting a patient with a confirmed or suspected ARI

Visitors, patients and staff are reminded to adhere to cough etiquette & good hand hygiene. Visitors should not attend if unwell with an ARI or other infectious disease such as gastroenteritis.

Where required, staff and doctors will continue to wear masks.

Under Green Alert there are no changes to our current visitor restrictions. 

  • Patients (excluding Maternity and Special Care Nursery) have no restrictions on the number of visitors per day
  • Maternity and Special Care Nursery patients are allowed three (3) visitors per day. Only one (1) child can visit at a time. For Maternity patients, your support person is considered to be one (1) of these visitors
  • Patients with COVID, or suspected to have COVID (SCOVID), are not allowed visitors, unless prior approval has been given on compassionate grounds. Please discuss this with the ward manager prior to visiting the hospital

Higher restrictions may be reintroduced if circumstances change.