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Hand Hygiene Award

San Day Surgery Hornsby was awarded the 'Hand Hygiene award' at the 2016 Quality Awards Dinner.

The award was conferred in recognition of SDSH commitment to an infection free environment and achieving the best result in Hand Hygiene Audit Report at AHCL.

Director of SDSH, Anne Temblett says it is essential for SDSH to excel in hand hygiene.

"We have to continue to ensure that our patients remain infection free.

Whether you are a doctor or a nurse, the importance of washing hands is so that we don't pass on any germs to our patients. It's one of the standards that we have to adhere to."

The initiative at AHCL is based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare and includes education and compliance auditing of the WHO 5 moments of hand hygiene:

  • Moment 1 – Before touching a patient
  • Moment 2 – Before a procedure
  • Moment 3 – After a procedure or body fluid exposure risk
  • Moment 4 – After touching a patient
  • Moment 5 – After touching a patients surroundings