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About Us

Quality, Safety & Accreditation

Providing the best possible care hinges on maintaining impeccable standards, particularly when it comes to safety and quality. That’s exactly what we take care to do at San Day Surgery Hornsby with Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Standards (2nd Edition) Accreditation.

Maintaining Quality

Our comprehensive quality management program is in place across all Adventist HealthCare sites. Designed to monitor, asses, evaluate and improve the quality of patient care, the program is constantly evolving – with our Adventist HealthCare Quality Awards program providing motivation to always do better.

To ensure compliance with evidence-based standards, both clinical and non-clinical practices are regularly audited, and we encourage customer feedback.

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Infection Prevention & Control

Preventing the spread of infection is now more important than ever before. At the San, we have a stringent Infection Prevention and Control program that uses evidence-based research to guide clinical practice.

The program encompasses the education for staff, patients and their families, as well as the auditing of staff practices and participation in the National Hand Hygiene program.

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Managing Risk

Across all Adventist HealthCare operations, we take an integrated proactive approach to managing the risk involved with providing our services. This encompasses risk identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and review. Our keen focus is risk prevention, and creating the safest possible environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Clinical Review

To ensure compliance with best practice standards, review of documented clinical care is undertaken as part of a peer review program. Adventist HealthCare participates in a number of benchmarking programs monitoring clinical indicators through ACHS (Australian Council Health Care standards) and Key Performance Indicators through HBN (Hospital Benchmark Network).