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Patient Information

Your Rights

The San Day Surgery Hornsby is operated by Adventist HealthCare Limited (AHCL), a not-for-profit organisation that operates Sydney Adventist Hospital, San Day Surgery Hornsby, San Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Sydney Adventist Hospital Pharmacy and ELIA Wellness. The following AHCL policy applies to personal (including health and other sensitive) information and privacy of our patients.

All our patients have a right to privacy

At the San Day Surgery Hornsby we respect every patient’s right to privacy and our obligation to protect your personal information. We will collect, use and share the minimum amount of personal information required to ensure that you receive a high level of health care at all times in a safe setting. This includes both paper and electronic records.

This summary privacy policy provides an overview of how we handle your personal information. If you would like more detailed information you can download our full privacy policy.

Download AHCL Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect and hold about patients?

We will collect your personal information directly from you where it is practical to do so. This could include your name, date of birth and contact details, and your medical history. We also collect information from third parties such as your GP and referring doctor, and your MyHealthRecord if you have one. The information we collect about you depends on the service you are receiving, if you are admitted or are an outpatient, or you are receiving health care services in the home. Some personal information is collected to provide you with our services, and some because we are required by law to do so.

How do we collect and handle your personal information, and for what purposes do we use and disclose it?

We will collect your personal information discreetly and store it securely. We will need to share your personal information with people involved in your care and managing your treatment. This may include units and departments within Adventist HealthCare, other treating health services or hospitals, doctors or clinical staff, pathology labs, radiology and nuclear medicine services. We may also need to share your personal information with your carer(s), guardian(s), authorised representative(s) and/or medical treatment decision makers.

We will provide relevant personal information to your health fund, any third-party insurer, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Medicare Australia, Government Registries, Clinical Quality Registries, the NSW Cancer Institute, the National Cancer Registry, the Commonwealth Department of Health, NSW Department of Health or to other entities when we are required by law to do so.

Do we use your information for direct marketing or other purposes?

We may, with your consent, use the personal information, including health information, we have collected about you to contact you from time to time. This may be by phone, email or post. AHCL and/or our San Foundation may contact you to provide you with information regarding our programs, services, events, research forums, promotions and opportunities, or to ask you for your support, either by volunteering, philanthropic donations or otherwise. To help us improve our standards, we may also ask for your feedback on our services through surveys.

You can opt-out of receiving this communication at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer.

As a Christian organisation we are committed to holistic care, including your spiritual needs while you are receiving care. Chaplains and pastoral care workers are part of our care team and accredited community representatives regularly visit our hospitals. You may request a visit from a representative of your faith, and with your consent we may share your personal information for this purpose. Alternatively, you may request that no chaplain or visiting faith representative call on you while you are a patient in an AHCL hospital.

How can you access or correct your personal information?

We will take reasonable care to ensure the personal information collected about you is accurate and complete. You may request access to, or correction of, the personal information we hold about you, by contacting our Privacy Officer.

How can you make a complaint?

You can make a complaint in writing to our Privacy Officer. We will need to verify your identity, and we will respond to you within a reasonable period of time to acknowledge your complaint and inform you of the next steps we will take in dealing with your complaint.

You may contact the Privacy Commissioner if you are not satisfied that the Hospital has resolved your complaint.

Our contact details

San Day Surgery Hornsby
Phone: (02) 9480 9898

Or write to:

The Privacy Officer, San Day Surgery Hornsby
1a Northcote Road

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

The San Day Surgery Hornsby is committed to delivering the highest possible standard of health care. As a patient, you have certain rights when seeking medical treatment and care, and also responsibilities relating to that treatment and care.

The summary below provides an overview patient rights and responsibilities. If you would like more detailed information you can download our full Rights and Responsibilities brochure.

Download Rights & Responsibilities Brochure

Patient Healthcare Rights

You have a right to:


  • Healthcare services and treatment that meets my needs


  • Receive safe and high-quality healthcare that meets national standards
  • Be cared for in an environment that is safe and makes me feel safe


  • Be treated as an individual, and with dignity and respect
  • Have my culture, identity, beliefs and choices recognised and respected


  • Ask questions and be involved in open and honest communication
  • Make decisions with my healthcare provider, to the extent that I choose and am able to
  • Include the people that I want in planning and decision-making


  • Clear information about my condition, the possible benefits and risks of different tests and treatments, so I can give my informed consent
  • Receive information about services, waiting times and costs
  • Be given assistance, when I need it, to help me to understand and use health information
  • Access my health information
  • Be told if something has gone wrong during my health care, how it happened, how it may affect me and what is being done to make care safe


  • Have my personal privacy respected
  • Have information about me and my health kept secure and confidential

Give Feedback

  • Provide feedback or make a complaint without it affecting the way that I am treated
  • Have my concerns addressed in a transparent and timely way
  • Share my experience and participate to improve the quality of care and health services

Parental Rights

  • Exercise my rights as a parent or guardian of a child
  • Choose to stay with my child at all times except when the provision of health care precludes this
  • Make decisions regarding consent to treatment of my child if they are under 14 years of age
  • From the age of 14, children may seek treatment and provide consent or make decisions jointly with their parents or guardian

Access to Medical Records

  • Access information contained in my medical records.
    While in hospital contact the Nursing Unit Manager After discharge contact the Manager of San Day Surgery Hornsby on (02) 9480 6888

Patient Responsibilities

To help us to provide you with the best possible care you have the responsibilities to:

Tell us of your safety concerns

  • You should let staff know as soon as practicable if you think something has been missed in your care or that an error might have occurred
  • You should explain any circumstances that may make your health care more risky or any other safety concerns that you may have

Respect the wellbeing and rights of others

  • You should always respect the wellbeing and rights of other patients, visitors and staff by conducting yourself in an appropriate way – this includes respecting the privacy and confidentiality of others
  • Patients and their visitors are requested to be respectful to all health care professionals who care for them – verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated
  • You should respect hospital property, policies, regulations and the property of other persons

Follow your treatment, co-operate and participate where able

  • Where possible you should take an active role in your health care and participate as fully as you wish in the decisions about your care and treatment. We also encourage your family, other carers or chosen support person to be actively involved. With your consent, they can also receive information and be involved in making decisions with you about your care
  • You should endeavour to follow your treatment, and inform your health provider when you are not complying with your treatment
  • You should cooperate fully with the doctor and clinical team in all aspects of your treatment
  • You must let staff know if there are changes to your condition or new symptoms
  • You should keep appointments or let the health provider know when you are not able to attend

Provide information regarding your medical history and ask questions

  • Be as open and honest with staff as you can, including giving comprehensive & accurate details of your medical history, past surgeries and all medications you may be taking
  • Ask questions of staff if you would like more information about any aspect of your care

Inform us of Advance Care Directive / Power of Attorney / Guardianship orders

  • Please inform your health professional if you have a current Advance Care Directive, Enduring Guardianship or Power of Attorney for any health or personal matters, or if you are by law, subject to a guardianship order.

Not take photos, video & audio recordings without consent

  • To protect the privacy and rights of all individuals at AHCL, patients and their families are not to take photos, video or audio recordings of staff, doctors, volunteers, other patients or visitors without their consent while in our facilities. Please speak to a staff member or the manager of the area if you have any questions regarding this.

Pay fees

  • You should promptly pay the fees of the hospital and your attending doctor.

Direct complaints / feedback to appropriate staff

  • You should direct any complaint to a staff member or the manager of the area so that immediate and appropriate action can be taken to remedy your concern.